Month: February 2021

What Is The Ultimate Online Betting Site in Indonesia?

Online betting has seen an influx of new bettors and bookies over the last few years. The sports craze has taken over the whole world, and Indonesia is no exception. 

Despite the government’s best efforts, online casinos retain their stronghold throughout this country, with both sports gambling and casinos drawing in an impressive flow of money on a daily basis. 

Gambling has been deeply rooted in the culture of Indonesia and many locals have grown up gambling with their friends and family. Also, online playing arena provides a safe and confidential gateway for enthusiastic gamesters in the region. E-sports betting has experienced a surge in popularity among millennials and the Gen-Z generation as well.

Online gambling serves as a good alternative for Indonesians who are into card games and other entertainment. Although it is quite challenging to find a reputable local bookmaker, there are many international sites that welcome users from this part of the world. These sites offer both online poker and bingo, as well as other casino games and e-betting.

What Is The Top Online Bookie In Indonesia?

Most Asian bookies offer online poker and various other games. However, it is easy to become shortsighted in the ocean of alike-looking bookmakers. With that being said, there is one site aimed at boosting your winning chances and guaranteeing you reap the sweetest bonuses each time you bet. 

188BET is a reliable online gambling site that Indonesians have chosen to gamble online. This sportsbook is officially licensed by the international gambling regulatory agency, which means they have proven to be the safest gambling sites.

This bookmaking provider has been around for quite a long time now and has grown to become the forward-runner in the niche, offering a plethora of wagering opportunities to avid Indonesian players.

188BET is also often referred to as the best online football betting site in the entire Asian region. Thousands of football betting markets with the best odds are an undeniable advantage. In addition, this bookie offers a wide selection of online games with real-money offers. Available games include sports betting, poker, keno/lottery, online slots, and live casino.

188BET – 24/7 online gambling

Among the main reasons that underpin this bookie’s popularity is that you can bet on sports 24/7. And as it’s quite challenging to find a bookmaker that accepts bets non-stop, 188BET has become widely known in the betting world. It also means that users can bet, drop and get funds and bonuses at any time of the day without losing their deposits and winnings. 

To top it off, 188BET also offers a mobile app that allows you to bet on-the-go without using an Internet browser.

The Bottom Line

Although it is hard to find a reliable gambling site in Indonesia, 188BET strives to meet all the criteria for being the best bookie in the region. Today, this bookmaker is focused on expansion into the ever-growing market of online gaming in Indonesia. And being long in the game, 188BET knows how to deliver the ultimate wagering experience to dedicated bettors and everyday sports fans.