carrom disc pool mod apk full [unlocked] version 4.+

Hello all so today in this article we are going to talk about one of the most famous classic games which we have played all in our childhood time. So today I have information about an online game which is very cool and it is the online version of the classic carrom disc game. So today we are going to talk about the Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk game.

What is Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk:-

This carrom game is very famous in real life we all know about this game. We all fully enjoyed this game in the back childhood time. This game is one of my favourite indoor games. So this famous is online carrom game was offered to us on the play store by Miniclip company. 

They have made a very cool game and you can play different kinds of carrom disc games in this app. This game is very nice and they have so many satisfied customers in the play store. You can fully enjoy all the things in this app. this game is freely available for all of you on the play store but there are some restrictions in the normal game and you will get some in-app purchase in the normal version of this game and click here to install.

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Some other Things about Carrom Disc Pool:-

·    Smooth to Play:-

This game is nice places the user interface and the user experience of this app are very good. This game is very smooth and you can take all the shots in this game very smoothly. You can fully enjoy this game and this game has a very good AI in all modes of this app. This game is very nice and you just have to install this game to enjoy this game. You will get the full feeling of the classic carrom game.

 Does Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk need Root:-

So there is one very important question. Is the mod version of this app will need the rooted device? Or this app can be used in the normal non-rooted device? So I want to tell you that you do not need any kind of root for this app. As we all know that most of the mod apk run only in the rooted devices but not this one.

 Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk Extras:-

So here in this section, we are going to tell you about the extra benefits you will get in the mod apk of this game. So you will get some different kinds of advantages in the mod app.

1. This mod app will give you unlimited coins in this game. so you can play so many games and you do not have to think about the coins. This is how you can participate in big money pool matches.

2. You will get unlimited gems also in this mode game so you can unlock your treasure chests fastly. This is how you can enjoy this game and get rewards of winning fastly.

3. So the third very main benefit of the Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk is that you will get all the skins of strikers and pucks for fully free. There is a very cool system in this app that you can try different skins of your striker and pucks in the game but you have unlocked them first in the normal game. 

Why use Mod Apk:-

So these are some very good benefits of this mod version. You can enjoy all the locked features of this game for totally free and you will get big money to play big matches in the different pools. This is the main reason why you all should use the mod version, because we will get all the cool skins and unlimited money and gems in the Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk game.

Some other point about Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk game:-

A.    Play different modes of carom:-

So in the Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk game, you can play a different kind of carrom game. In one match you have to take all the same color pucks to win. Now the second one is normal carrom you have to take red and your color pucks to win. And in the third one, this is the classic carrom game and you can play freestyle and you just have to take 120 points pucks to win this game.

B.    Play with Friends:-

You can fully enjoy this game with your friends. You can add friends from the game or you can simply connect to the face to play with your Facebook friends. You can have full fun in different modes with your friends and

C.    Play offline and online both:-

This game is available in both modes. You can play this game online with your friends from anywhere in the world or you can simply play this game offline also. In the offline mode, you can play all games as same just your opponent should be with you and this is how you can fully enjoy this game in both modes.

How to install Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk:-

1.    You can get mod apk for free on our Site

2.    Make sure your unknown source installation is on

3.    Install in your phone

4.    Log in With Facebook or play as Guest

5.    Start Playing


Google play store Record of Carrom Disc pool game:-

Carrom Disc pool game has very good stats on the Google play store. This game has more than 100 million-plus installs on the Google play store. This game has so many users around the world. This game is very famous and you all can have so much fun in this game. They have 4.4-star ratings buy the real users of this game.

App Name

Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk

App Size

28 MB

App Version


Developer Team


Total Installs

100,000,000 +

Main Use of App


Last Update

1 April 2020

Google Play Reviews

4.4 / 5 Stars


So now we are at the end of this article and overall I want to say that if you are a carrom lover then Carrom Disc Pool Mod Apk is perfect for you and you can fully enjoy this game in the different modes. You can also enjoy all the fun things in the mod app. this game is very good and you can enjoy this in most of the devices.