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Hello all the visitors nowadays, we are not watching TV too much. Now we all have a TV in our pockets. So now we all watch our favourite TV shows and movie on our mobile phones. The Smart phone is changing our lifestyle too much. 

Now for entertainment, we do not go and sit in the front of the TV. Now we just need a mobile phone to get entertain. So today in this article we will also talk about an app which is very famous in India to watch TV shows, movies, sports and web series. This app is the hub for all of these things.

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What is Hotstar:-


So there are lots of apps where you can go and watch some good shows, movies, etc. but the one app which is so famous in India is the HotStar. So today we will talk about HotStar Mod Apk. We will discuss what is this app and what can you do with this app. how this app will never let you get bored. This app is one of the best entertain app ever. You can watch a lot of things in this app. so if you never want to get bored then this app will help you. You will not be going to get this app from the play store you have to get this app from our site because this mod app is an alternate of the main Hotstar app.

Why Use Hotstar:-

With HotStar you can do a lot of things and good stuff. So nowadays if you do not have a TV for entertainment, then do not worry because you just a smart phone and there will be everything on these phones. You just need to install the HotStar app on your phone and then the entertainment world will be in your hands. 

You can watch a lot of stuff on this app. now this app is a mini TV. Now you can stream in this app all kinds of Indian or international famous TV shows. And you can also watch so many hit movies in 9 different languages. You can also watch all kinds of sports events videos and live.

You can watch cricket, football, tennis, badminton and so many sports in this app. these kinds of have to change the world. This all change happens just because of the smart phone and the 4g mobile network service. And then everything has changed in India. 

There are so many these kinds of the app today and there are some video entertainment platforms like YouTube. The concept of both apps is the same. There is so much video content to watch in the different categories and both, you watch live shows and games.

Why use HotStar Mod apk:-

Hotstar is presented to us by Novi Digital and this app has so many options and different kinds of content for the entertainment. But this app is developed by the other developers too. This app is free for all but the content of this app is not fully free for all. 

If you want to watch some very famous movies shows and other things then you have to buy the plan but not in this app. But you can get this app on our site for fully free and then you do not have to buy any kind of packs. This is fully unlocked content without any kind of ads too.

Huge Range of Content:-

On HotStar there is a huge range of content. There are so many things that you can watch and get entertain. So no matter where you are if you want to watch something then this app will show that for you. There is so much content for anyone. No matter if you are spots, tv show or the web series lover. There is a lot of thing for anyone here. So now I will tell you that what is special the all sections.

  1. Sports 
  2. Movies 
  3. TV shows
  4. News
  5. TV Channels 
  6. Country-wise content in 9 languages 

How to Install HotStar Mod Apk:-

(You can get mod apk for free on our Site)

Make sure your unknown source installation is on

Install in your phone

Log in With different id’s

Start Streaming


App Name

Hotstar Mod Apk

App Size

17 MB

App Version


Developer Team

MarioDev, Cybertron, Novi Digital, binu, biN32

Total Installs

6,000,000 +

Main Use of App

Movies and TV Shows

Last Update

13 March 2020

Google Play Review

4.4  / 5 Stars


So finally I just want to say that this app is entertaining us from 2015 and I must say that this app has changed the point of view for entertainment. They put the whole world's TV in just a small mobile phone. so just install this app and enjoy so many sports games, shows, movies and many more with this app. overall if you are finding an app where you can get everything on one platform then this app is just for you. I personally love this when I am out and IPL is going on so I watch matches on the Hotstar mod apk that time. You can get this app from our site for fully free so enjoy.